George Lucas Rumored To Replace Kathleen Kennedy As Lucasfilm President

Image via Walt Disney / Lucasfilm

Kathleen Kennedy hasn’t won many fans over the last few years. While the Disney era of Star Wars started strong with The Force Awakens, things have often faltered. Failure to plan out the Sequel Trilogy eventually resulted in the botch-job of The Rise of Skywalker, executive interference helped make Solo: A Star Wars Story a flop and the highly anticipated Obi-Wan Disney+ show had the brakes slammed on it only days before it was due to shoot. How long can things go on like this?

Well, YouTuber Overlord Doomcock claims to have the inside scoop, and you know you can trust the reliability of someone called “Doomcock.” Anyway, he qualifies his information by saying:

“As with all of these rumors originating inside Disney and/or Lucasfilm, I cannot independently confirm what I am about to tell you. So I urge you to regard all of what follows as rumor. And take it with a grain of salt.”

I have my salt shaker right here Doomcock, now spill the beans!

The YouTuber claims that Kennedy is indeed on her way out, to be replaced by *drum roll* George Lucas! Apparently, Lucas is desperate to return to ‘save’ Star Wars and Disney want him to take over as president. In fact, Doomcock says they asked him what it’d take to get him to take on the job and he said:

“If I were to return I have four conditions that would have to be met. Condition 1. I get to make my sequel trilogy. Condition 2. I have full creative power until I decide to hand it off. Condition 3. Kathleen Kennedy is gone. Condition 4. Disney agrees to never ever mess with the original trilogy leaving it untouched. None of this is negotiable.”

Disney reportedly responded: “So, when do you start?”

Of course, George Lucas didn’t actually say any of that, because this story is most likely made up. Or at least, partly made up. While we don’t doubt that Kennedy is on her way out, and Lucas is indeed hovering around, ready to help out, a few of these demands sound a bit ridiculous. Doomcock has been right on a few things in the past, true, but as he says, take this with a grain of salt.

Things probably have to change at Lucasfilm sometime soon, there’s no doubt about that, but the 76-year-old George Lucas has as much chance of being named the next president of the studio as Overlord Doomcock does.