George Miller Says He Won’t Be Directing Man Of Steel 2; Teases More Mad Max

Man of Steel

There’s been a lot of conflicting reports about what’s in store for Superman in the DC Extended Universe, with some saying Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is essentially Man of Steel 2 and others claiming that when Man of Steel didn’t make the $1 billion Warner Bros. were hoping for, they cooled down on the idea of more solo adventures for the iconic hero.

Of course, Man of Steel was far from a flop, and when the studio announced their DC Comics slate, solo movies for Superman and Batman were promised. While Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns work on the screenplay for the latter, all we’ve heard about Man of Steel 2 is that Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller could end up taking the helm while Zack Snyder works on the Justice League movies.

Well, based on his comments in the video above, it sounds like that definitely won’t be happening. While Miller praises Snyder and DC Comics in general, it appears as if he’s keen to work on something a little smaller after the stunt heavy Mad Max movie starring Tom Hardy (which he teases has two possible sequels lined up).

This is a shame in many ways, as Miller came very close to directing a CGI Justice League movie some years ago. Unfortunately, it was ultimately scrapped because of a writer’s strike, but fans are keen to see what he’d bring to a superhero property.

Tell us, are you disappointed that Miller won’t be helming a Man of Steel sequel? Watch the video above for his comments in full, and then let us know your thoughts in the usual place!