Mad Max: Fury Road Helmer George Miller Reportedly Eyed For Man Of Steel 2


Warner Bros. has been casting the net for a director to supplant Zack Snyder for the all-but-confirmed Man of Steel 2, and a new report has emerged today linking Mad Max: Fury Road‘s George Miller with the superhero gig.

At least, that’s according to Jon Schnepp, the creative mind behind the recently-released documentary, The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? Appearing on the most recent episode of the PopCorn Talk radio show, Schnepp hinted that Miller is being eyed by Warner for the Superman sequel, though he didn’t offer up any concrete information beyond this fleeting rumor.


Alas, despite the fact that Man of Steel 2 doesn’t feature on Warner Bros.’ confirmed superhero slate, it’s understood that the studio has early plans to push ahead with a sequel to the divisive 2013 blockbuster. Early on many considered Dawn of Justice to be a Superman follow-up in all but name, but there are simply too many moving parts in Snyder’s mythic tentpole for it to be considered as such. Plans may still be incubating behind closed doors, but make no mistake: Warner is cooking up a bona fide sequel for a release some time in the future.

Now comes the tricky question, will Miller really helm Man of Steel 2? Our knee-jerk reaction says no, considering the filmmaker’s commitment to Warner’s rejuvenated Mad Max franchise. Off the back of Fury Road‘s trailblazing success earlier in the year, WB seemingly has plans for at least three more post-apocalyptic sequels – and possibly a Furiosa standalone film – meaning that Miller would need to rearrange an already busy schedule to devote time to marquee project in the vein of Man of Steel 2. It seems more likely that the esteemed director will join the project in an advisory role.

One thing’s for sure: The Last Son of Krypton will return for a standalone film of his own in the near future. But surely the thought of George Miller helming Man of Steel 2 is merely wishful thinking, right?