George Miller Promises More From The Road Warrior Beyond Mad Max: Fury Road


Despite the fact that it failed to outpace Pitch Perfect 2 at last weekend’s box office, the general consensus for George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road has been overwhelmingly positive. With a healthy $109 opening haul to coincide with critical acclaim, all signs point to Warner Bros. pushing ahead with a sequel, what with lead star Tom Hardy signed on for at least three more movies.

Nothing is official as of yet, of course, though Miller remains confident that the studio will greenlight a direct follow-up before long. Taking to his own new-fangled Twitter account, here’s what the esteemed director had to share.

Though Hardy is contracted for another trilogy following Fury Road, co-star Charlize Theron has expressed her apprehension about reprising her role as Furiosa in the sequels, unless Miller and his creative team can engineer a similarly bombastic storyline as the original. Speaking of which, Mad Max: Fury Road quickly became one of our favorite films of the year thus far; a bona fide blockbuster in every sense, Miller’s storytelling is matched only by the film’s jaw-dropping practical effects.

Here’s what our own Matt Donato had to say in his glowing review:

Mad Max: Fury Road is an artfully crafted adrenaline ride that’s powered by Miller’s incomparable sense of storytelling through the most primitive, high-speed rawness that’s ever been captured on camera.

Mad Max: Fury Road is currently leaving a line of destruction across the country, racking up its box office total in the process. The only question is, do you feel Warner Bros. and George Miller should push ahead with a sequel?