Gerard Butler Will Head To Motor City

Has director Albert Hughes finally ended his search for a leading man to star in his new film Motor City? It seems like it.

Variety tells us that Gerard Butler may be the answer to Hughes’ problem. If you recall, Dominic Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jeremy Renner have all been attached to the film at one point but none of them were able to stay on board. Right now, the only other actors attached are Gary Oldman and Amber Heard but if Butler signs on, that would give Hughes a strong trio of talent to work with.

The 2009 Black List script follows a “small time felon who seeks revenge on the men who framed him.” What’s notable about the film is that it apparently only contains one line of dialogue. No word yet on if there have been rewrites to the script to add more lines but either way, Motor City is sure to be an entertaining film. I really enjoyed what Hughes did with The Book Of Eli and who doesn’t love Gary Oldman in a villain role?

Butler seems like an apt choice for the lead role as he has that gritty, tough and commanding screen presence that would be perfect for this revenge film.

Hopefully the search has ended for Motor City‘s leading man.

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