Jeremy Renner May Take A Trip To Motor City


The casting game for Motor City continues today with news that Jeremy Renner could be signing on. Twitch is reporting that director Albert Hughes may have finally found his leading man.

As you may or may not know, the role has had trouble finding someone to fill it. It was first offered to Chris Evans, followed by Dominic Cooper, followed by Jake Gyllenhaal and now, Mr. Renner. The issue now is scheduling. Renner is also up for The Counselor and he can’t do both films. That being said, he’s up against Javier Bardem, who is said to be the favorite. So, if Renner loses to Bardem, it’s very likely that he’ll head to Motor City.

Personally, I’m fine with that. My first choice would have been Cooper as I think he’s incredibly talented and deserves more recognition but I am a fan of Renner and would enjoy seeing him in this revenge pic, which is said to contain only one line of dialogue.

The offer has been made and though Renner hasn’t accepted or declined yet, we’ll be sure to let you know when he makes a decision.

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