International Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer Features An Extra Scene


The first trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife promised a nostalgic and fan-pleasing continuation of the franchise, re-instilling excitement for more undead battling action for those who were left cold by the unfairly maligned 2016 reboot. The trailer was released worldwide and it’s now become apparent that the version of it released in Germany has an extra scene that wasn’t included in the one we got in the U.S.

Known as Ghostbusters: Legacy over the Atlantic, the trailer (viewable above) is largely the same as the one you likely saw, setting up the emotional story of a young family who are heavily implied to be Egon Spengler’s daughter and grandchildren. Despite its additional moments, though, it actually comes in a little shorter due to the featured events being streamlined to cut out some of the expository dialogue and instead getting to the eerie parts faster.

Beginning at 1:37, the extra scene takes place right at the end of the trailer after the title card, showing Mckenna Grace’s Phoebe messing around with a proton pack, while a friend watches through a pair of Ecto Goggles and memorializes the surreal moment with their built-in Polaroid camera, a further nod to the series’ roots in the ‘80s that appearances from the original cast will acknowledge.

Even though the dialogue is dubbed into German, you don’t need to know exactly what the words mean to catch the gist of what’s being said, and the enthusiastic wonder of the two children mirrors that felt by young people when they watched the original films, further emphasizing Ghostbusters: Afterlife‘s likely themes of honoring of the past while continuing to look forward.