Get The Lowdown On The Airport Brawl In Captain America: Civil War


In the wake of last night’s monumental trailer, there’s a certain superhero showdown that’s already turning heads and raising eyebrows across the community – one which goes by the name of the Son of Krypton versus the Bat of Gotham – but make no mistake, Joe and Anthony Russo have a mighty brawl of their own cooking with Captain America: Civil War.

Word comes by way of Entertainment Weekly, which is continuing to pump out coverage for the hotly-anticipated threequel in the wake of yesterday’s cover reveal. While that united opposing forces for a rather striking shot, today’s tidbit is all about the finer details of the moment the gloves come off.

One half of the director pairing, Joe Russo, offered new information to EW regarding the way in which the story plans to tee up the Herculean tussle. Tony Stark and Steve Rogers’ once-fraught friendship may lie in tatters, but there’s also the small matter of dividing the remainder of the superhero roster, and the filmmaker talked about unveiling that all-encompassing conflict in a way that felt organic. “How do you move forward from a moment where people who used to love each other and were on the same side, now hate each other and are trying to hurt each other?” Russo explained.

Screengrabs from the teaser trailer may have indicated which heroes fall on each respective side, but Russo skirted around the dynamic of the brawl.

While Black Widow gives an all-out thrashing to Ant-Man, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch blast away at the sky — him with his trusty bow and arrows, her with her mystical red energy pulses. They’re trying to knock some unseen threat out of the air. (It’s hard to tell which visual effect they’re imagining.)

It’s definitely not Iron Man. He’s flying low and locked onto another target: Captain America. Evans raises his shield, slings an upper cut through the air, and gets in one more hit against his invisible foe before he’s almost taken out in real life…The shot will end with Iron Man knocking Captain America to his knees. But he’s not going to stay there.

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will find themselves at loggerheads when Captain America: Civil War debuts in theaters on May 5, 2016.

Source: EW