Ghost Rider Now In Development At Marvel Studios

Ghost Rider

Marvel Studios have had the rights to Ghost Rider for almost 10 years now, but unfortunately, they haven’t really done a whole lot with them. Sure, the Robbie Reyes version appeared on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for a bit, with star Gabriel Luna initially set to return for a spinoff show on Hulu, but that was ultimately cancelled.

Still, there’ve been whispers that Kevin Feige finally wants to do justice to the flame-skulled motorcycle enthusiast and it seems he’ll be making his proper debut in the MCU quite soon. In fact, We Got This Covered told you last week that a Ghost Rider movie was in development and now, it seems our scoop has been confirmed.

According to The Direct, a Ghost Rider project is indeed in the works at Marvel Studios. And though the outlet can’t confirm if it’s a film or perhaps a Disney Plus show, we’ve checked with our own sources – the same ones who told us about this back in April – and they’ve said that while the original plan was to do a movie, there’s a small chance that it could end up as a streaming series now. But as of yet, no final decision has been made.

And as for which version of Ghost Rider this project will feature, well, we’re told that it’s still set to be the Johnny Blaze iteration. Of course, we’ve already seen Blaze in theaters before, when he was brought to life by Nicolas Cage across two wholly mediocre films. But nearly a decade has passed since then and fans would no doubt welcome the character into cinemas again.

Details for this proposed solo vehicle for Ghost Rider end there, but it seems like development on it is definitely moving forward now and we imagine it won’t be long before we get an official casting announcement. Watch this space for more.