Ghostbusters Reboot Director Wants To Share His 3.5 Hour Cut Of The Movie


It would be a major understatement to say that Paul Feig’s 2016 Ghostbusters reboot didn’t go down particularly well with longtime fans of the franchise. From virtually the second it was first announced, the knives were already out for the female-driven supernatural blockbuster, leading to one of the most notorious trolling campaigns in modern history.

The diehards appear to be content with next year’s Afterlife, presumably because the fourth installment is keeping it in the family with Jason Reitman directing and his father Ivan producing, as well as the footage we’ve seen so far promising a direct continuation of events from the first two movies that looks to be geared heavily towards the nostalgia market in an effort to get them definitively back onboard.

Of course, Feig’s movie was afforded no such quarter, and the overwhelming backlash to his version of Ghostbusters was a huge factor in the $144 million project under-performing at the box office. While it scored decent enough reviews from those that never regarded the series as sacred, and still holds a 74% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a solid 60 on Metacritic, the negativity surrounding it has since been attributed as the deciding factor in its failure.

However, with the recent announcement of the Snyder Cut proving that if fans campaign as long and as loud as they want they might eventually be granted their wish, Feig decided to do a little trolling of his own and admitted that there’s a three and a half hour version of his Ghostbusters that he’d be more than happy to share with the world.

It would be hilarious if the filmmaker did actually release an extended cut of Ghostbusters that’s over an hour and a half longer than the theatrical edition, just to see what the reactions would be from the people that tried to sabotage it at every turn four years ago. Unfortunately, though, Feig just seems to be having fun, and based on how the movie was initially treated, it would be fair to assume that we won’t see #ReleaseTheFeigCut trending anytime soon.