Ghostbusters Reboot To Be Written By The Heat’s Katie Dippold And Paul Feig


We’ve waited a long, LONG time for official word on anything Ghostbusters related, and now we’ve got it. THR reports that The Heat scribe, Katie Dippold, has signed on to co-write the script for the upcoming reboot.

She’ll be reunited at the keyboard with The Heat director Paul Feig, who was offered the director’s chair back in August. After original helmer Ivan Reitman dropped out, a slew of up-and-coming filmmaking names were reportedly attached. The Lego Movie‘s Chris Miller and Phil Lord turned it down, before Feig was approached by Sony. There has been no confirmation on whether or not he’s accepted the gig, and alas, there still isn’t. But, one of the stipulations of his earlier involvement insisted that the new outing would focus on a new generation of female Ghostbusters. Does this mean that he finally won over Sony with regards to this reinvented angle? It sure sounds like it.

The long-awaited third instalment in the spook-huntin’ franchise was originally set to be a continuation sequel with the original line-up. Earlier this year when Harold Ramis passed away, the idea was shaken up and it seems we’re now in for an entirely new take on the series. That being said, don’t think the remaining ‘busters have kept quiet about the movie. Dan Aykroyd has been a valuable source of information on the flick, saying earlier this year that shooting is set to commence in Spring 2015. While Bill Murray has expressed his total disinterest in returning, he did commend the idea of a female-led reboot, even offering up his suggestions for who should be involved.

The fact of the matter here is: the script-writing team behind the flick has a proven track record for top quality comedy. There’s a severe shortage of opportunities afforded to female screenwriters, and while we’re at it – female directors. This news is incredibly encouraging, especially as Sony no doubt has a lot riding on the movie. I loved Dippold’s work on The Heat and Parks And Recreation. She’s a talented, ballsy scribe and I’m ecstatic to hear today’s news.

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