Ghostface is let loose on New York City in first trailer for ‘Scream VI’


Ghostface is trading its Woodsboro roots for a bloodthirsty run in the metropolis known as New York City in the full-length trailer for Scream VI. The twisted (a safe assumption for whoever’s under the mask) killer is up against a formidable set of adversaries this time around in the Woodsboro survivors, especially as Ghostface’s playground has expanded far beyond the realms of quiet suburbia.

The trailer sees Sam, Mindy, and Chad as they try to set aside their painful pasts and start fresh in a new city, but they’re soon reminded that Ghostface isn’t confined to the streets of Woodsboro any more than they were. In addition, we’re re-introduced to Jenna Ortega’s fan-favorite Tara, who returns to her role in the Scream family after a profile-raising and massively successful performance in Wednesday as the titular character.

The rules of engagement might be different this time around, but one thing is undoubtedly going to stay the same — Ghostface is going to be racking up a kill count to be proud of, and with an unconventional (for them) array of tools, to boot. The synopsis for the film is short but sweet, not giving too much away:

“The Scream saga continues with the four survivors of the Ghostface killings as they leave Woodsboro behind and start a fresh chapter.”

A fresh chapter might be their big dream, and in a city full of them, it turns out that the Woodsboro survivors have just signed up for a new nightmare. Scream VI hits theaters on March 10. Remember — everybody is a suspect.