Ghostface sharpens his blade in new retro ‘Scream’ poster

Image via SpyGlass Media

Just days away from its release date, Scream continues to give its fans more reasons to be anticipating the newest installment in Wes Craven’s horror franchise. Week by week, more content is unleashed on unsuspecting Scream enthusiasts, who anxiously await what promises to be a terrifying tribute to Craven’s genius.

Creepy Duck Design (@creepyduckart on Twitter) has created several retro posters for the Scream social media accounts. Whether this is an official partnership or merely free publicity for the artist remains unknown, but one thing is certain — the talent is undeniable. Check out the official tweet including the latest poster below:

@ScreamMovies on Twitter

Along with the incredibly well-done poster — which features a cowering Sidney Prescott overshadowed by a menacing Ghostface — the Scream promotional team encourages fans to grab their tickets before the big day on Friday, January 14.

Will the horror icon’s return to the big screen be one worth waiting more than a decade for? Judging by early impressions surfacing online, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett’s love letter to franchise creator Wes Craven oozes out of every scene. Stay tuned for WGTC’s review later this week.