New G.I. Joe Spinoff Movie In Development At Paramount

GI-Joe-Retaliation-Roadblock-and-Snake-Eyes (1)

Say what you want about the G.I. Joe film franchise, but its two entries to date – The Rise of Cobra and Retaliation – did rake in a decent amount of dough. Yes, they may have deviated quite a bit from the source material, but the property is still active over in Tinseltown due the success we just mentioned.

As you may have heard, there’s been a Snake-Eyes spinoff gestating at Paramount, though that hasn’t stopped them from getting the ball rolling on yet another offshoot. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a second side story based on the immensely popular toyline from Hasbro is in the works.

At the time of this writing, not much is known about the project, but we can tell you that it’s an ensemble piece – and Chuckles is specifically named as being part of the bunch. Right now, he’s not slated to be the main focus, though it’s said things could change as production unfolds. Hey, if a big name actor winds up being cast, then I could certainly see him being “written up.”

GI Joe

For those unfamiliar, Chuckles is most notorious for infiltration, and has been around since 1987. Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning he’s known to both action figure and comic book collectors, though he’s more obscure to the animation-only crowd. Having appeared in nothing more than an animated film, one could say that he is indeed an intriguing choice for live action adaptation.

If anything, Paramount have secured the services of the right screenwriters, those being Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec. I mean, not only have they adapted another franchise that’s spanned toys, comics and animation in the form of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but they’ve had their feet firmly planted in the realm of espionage by penning Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

Right now, this untitled G.I. Joe spinoff lacks a release date, but you’ll be able to tide yourself over once Snake-Eyes storms theaters on October 16th, 2020.