Gina Carano Back To Posting Antivax Memes As Twitter Ban Looms

Gina Carano hasn’t had a great pandemic. After being fired by Disney for comparing being conservative to being Jewish during the Holocaust, she was briefly in the limelight as an example of cancel culture. But after 18 months spent posting dog-brained anti-vax memes on Twitter, even her fans are beginning to question whether she’s okay.

Her latest is an over-compressed jpeg of a soldier holding a syringe like a rocket launcher that says the vaccination drive “became a fight against the people to protect the pandemic”. It looks like the kind of fwd:fwd:fwd email your QAnon-poisoned elderly relatives clog up your inbox with, and doesn’t bode well for her. The replies sound tired more than angry: “this is extremely ignorant”, “you never had a constitutional right to spread disease”, and a weary “just get the vax…”.

Her anti-vax views have potentially also affected her career in right-wing media. Ben Shapiro was on her side throughout her firing from Disney, but even he said: “get the vaccine, dopes” in a tweet praising its efficacy. He’s now canceled a movie they were working on together, indicating that relations may have soured behind the scenes.

With social media networks announcing a crackdown on anti-vax material, it’s likely Carano will be banned from Twitter at some point. They’ve said they’ve got a “five strikes” policy, with those hitting that facing being permanently removed from the platform. Past behavior indicates she’s unlikely to stop, so expect to see her bleating about being canceled once again soon.

Honestly, if you’re anti-vax at this point, you’re probably beyond the event horizon of stupidity. After 10 months of it being administered to billions, it’s proven to be the best weapon against COVID, and 99% of deaths are now among the unvaccinated. The many stories from doctors and nurses of former anti-vaxxers gasping their last while pleading for the now-too-late vaccine makes for sobering reading.