Gina Carano quotes Malcolm X as Kyle Rittenhouse trial comes to a close

Controversy magnet Gina Carano is a lot of things, but quiet is not one of them.

The former Mandalorian actress regularly takes to social media to show off her latest projects, but also to share her controversial takes on sensitive issues. On Friday, Carano shared a Malcolm X quote about newspapers and oppression.

“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing,” the tweet said.

The tweet comes out on the same day that accused Kenosha, Wisconsin shooter Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges against him. Many of her fans caught onto the possibility that she was commenting on the trial, showing their support.

One person even said she would be great in a Kyle Rittenhouse movie, suggesting she should make it. Considering she’s currently signed on for My Son Hunter, a movie pledges to tell the “real” story about President Joe Biden’s son, it’s not impossible that this could happen.

Carano was fired from The Mandalorian after she went on Twitter and compared being a Jewish person in Nazi Germany to being persecuted for your political views.

In the time since she’s managed to somewhat stay in the public eye by refusing to back down on her stances. She recently wrapped a movie called Terror on the Prairie produced by right-wing news agency The Daily Wire.

What do you think about Gina Carano quoting Malcolm X? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Cobra Kaisays:

    Gina is right again, so libtards are triggered into another meltdown.

    Woke activists are losing what’s left of their minds, who cared nothing about facts of this case and only pushing their failed false agenda to race bait – in a case with all white people involved. Their insanity is at least hilarious to watch.

    1. Petesays:

      Triggered? Could it have anything to do with yet another white guy not getting the justice they deserve? This case has prove how broken the US so-called justice system is.

      1. Swagessays:

        You obviously did not follow the trial

      2. Sigurthersays:

        Dude the media lied about everything about this trial. Be as woke as you want, but for God’s sake, stop beleiving lies.

      3. poopooplattersays:

        Was it all a conspiracy that a jury acquitted Kyle?

        This was not a case about race. It was about self defense.

        Maybe mix up the sources from which your information is derived so you can read between the lines a little.

      4. WeLoveGinaCaranosays:

        What does this have to do with him being white? If we were in Africa and a black guy got acquitted for the same thing would you be saying that it’s yet another black guy not getting the justice they deserve? Assuming things based on someone’s race is practically the definition of racism. You sir are a hypocrite.

    2. Zeldazsays:

      Wait till a white guy comes and guns down your family, retard. Then come back here and whine some more.

      1. Anon261says:

        I’ll assume you’re non-white. And black. That being true, you are MUCH more likely to be gunned down by another black person. No one was whining, lol.

      2. WeLoveGinaCaranosays:

        You do realize that Rittenhouse was chased by *gasp* white people? And that the ONLY African American in the group was the ONLY one he didn’t shoot? hE mUsT bE a WhItE sUpReMaCiSt
        right. moron.

    3. RPriorsays:

      Even more insane – The actions of the Democrats has turned them all into Terrorists together with the entire Democrat Administration.

      The key is by turning Urban violence into a Political Cause it has turned the entire Democrat Government into Terrorists.

      Definition of Terrorism
      September 2001

      Outside the condition of a ‘declared war’
      the use of action or threat of action, for the purpose of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause, which: –

      a) involves serious violence against any person or property,

      b) endangers the life of any person, or

      c) creates a serious risk to the health or safety of the public or a section of the public.

  2. Jonathansays:

    Gina did not compare Jews being persecuted by the Nazis to being persecuted for political beliefs. She pointed out that the same tactics used by the Nazis state, to turn people on one another, are being used today by the media.

    1. Petesays:

      Yes – by the right wing media. FOX, OAN, Newsmax, just to name a few – instead of just reporting on a story, they always make out to be somehow someone on the ‘lefts’ fault. They are the ones creating the division.

      1. Hoombauersays:

        It is the leftists fault. The leftist does not have a soul, so it compensates thru virtue signaling.

      2. Wesley Gibsonsays:


        Amazing. In three posts the right wingers went from “The left is unfairly demonizing us” to “left wingers have no souls”.

      3. poopooplattersays:

        President Biden is constantly invoking Jim Crow. He said Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremist. He did this to get votes, it was dangerous.

    2. Wesley Gibsonsays:


      You mean like how Hoombauer and other right wingers are trying to use “Nazi tactics” to demonize the leftists by saying they “have no soul”?

      Why aren’t you denouncing the Nazi tactics used by right wingers like Hoombauer.

      1. Kevsays:

        What nazi right wing tactics are referring too EXACTLY. And please be as specific as possible

      2. WeLoveGinaCaranosays:

        Calling people names is not “Nazi tactics.” Censoring people for speaking their opinion is. I don’t see anybody censoring you, so quit being a whiner.

      3. Wesley Gibsonsays:


        I said “Nazi tactics” in quotation marks.

        It was replying to Jonathan. Jonathan said that “the media” were acting like Nazis by “demonizing” their political opponents. So I was asking Jonathan why he wasn’t denouncing people like Hoombauer who demonize the left by saying they “have no soul” since demonizing people is “Nazi” tactics according to him.

      4. Wesley Gibsonsays:


        Jonathan was the one who was comparing political demonization to “tactics used by the Nazi state”.

        I don’t necessarily agree with that framing which I why put the phrase “Nazi tactics” in quotation marks.

        Also, I’ve been censored REPEATEDLY by We Got This Covered as well as other websites/social media outlets, though that doesn’t actually constitute Nazi-like behavior either.

  3. aretiredvetsays:

    The left, progresive, socialict agenda has nothing to do with truth equality ans freedpn. We have all of those things if we do what we must and work st it. theeft agenda is to control the natitive, make the patriotic citizens appear irrelevant and unbalanced.

    1. Freedpn4Allsays:

      Irrelevant, no. Unbalanced, yes

      Not everyone left of you is a “progresive socialict” just like everyone right of those isn’t a neo-nazi. You don’t have to see everything in extremes, most often the answers are found somewhere in between. To see balance you need to stop living in your right/left echo chambers and cherry pick the good and bad from both sides.

    2. Chonksays:

      Try English next time or spell check at least.

    3. WeLoveGinaCaranosays:

      Agreed, but please. Spelling. I’m having a stroke trying to read this.

  4. Malcolm X also said that white liberals are the true enemy……not guilty…let’s go Brandon

    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      The “Let’s go Brandon” Nascar thing proves how biased the media is in their willingness to protect Trump supporting idiots from valid criticism. If the media were truly unbiased then the corresponent would have just admitted what the crowd was doing.

      “It seems like a groups of drunken, unhinged Republicans have suddenly started screaming ‘Fuck Joe Biden’ at a sporting events with kids attending.”

      They were trying to cover up the fact that Trump supporters are a bunch of angry rednecks mad because the January 6 insurrection failed.

      1. Kfpsays:

        Cry me a river libtard but was ok when ur left wing buddies burned cities amd killed ppl during there so.called peaceful protests. Yep hypocrite

      2. Anon261says:

        You actually think the left-wing majority media is protecting TRUMP supporters?! Um, ok… have fun living in your own reality.

      3. WeLoveGinaCaranosays:

        They covered it up because they didn’t want us to see how many of us hate Joe Biden. Admittedly, perhaps not the best idea to start chanting that particular slogan at a sports event with children attending, but the point is that the media will do anything to keep the far left in power.

      4. Wesley Gibsonsays:


        Bullshit. If the broadcasters had just said “Yeah, sorry folks. A bunch of right wingers are in the audience and they’re screaming “[explative] Joe Biden” at the top of their lungs with zero consideration for the families in attendance or the kids watching the race on TV and we didn’t act quickly enough to bleep their swearing. Sorry about that” you’d be complaining THAT was proof of leftist media bias and saying that they should have just kept going without mentioning it.

  5. Swagessays:

    This POS “article writer” is what is wrong with this country go to something else maybe something productive for a change

    1. Junior Juniorsson Jrsays:

      Why? Because they refused to make a call on whether they agree or disagree with her views throughout the article and kept it neutral?

      1. Hoombauersays:

        No because the writer lied. Like all leftists lie.

      2. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        “Like all leftists lie.”

        Still waiting on that “proof” of election fraud that you Trumptards were promising us.

      3. Junior Juniorsson Jrsays:

        @hoombauer enlighten me, what did they lie about? That Gina tweeted something? That it was speculated it was about the case? That a bunch of people replied with more tweets? Which bit was a lie?

    2. WeLoveGinaCaranosays:

      The article was neutral. There was no opinion here, only facts, which is much better than the blatant slander of Kyle that I’ve seen from some leftist “news” sites. If you want to be a jerk and yell at people for expressing their opinions, then I suggest that you go on Townhall and yell at Kurt Schlichter… not that he would give a sh*t about what you think of him, nor would anybody with half a braincell. Assuming that you know what it’s like to have even half a braincell.

  6. Fuck Trump and racist death cultsays:

    Fuck all you white racists go suck trumps dick

    1. WeLoveGinaCaranosays:

      What a pleasant person you must be.

  7. Fuck Trump and racist death cultsays:

    Fuck white people

    1. Elliesays:

      You’re racist…

      1. Don't be so fragilesays:

        They aren’t racist. Racism is not something that can be experienced by a white person. The dominant culture has not systematically created laws to oppress us. “Fuck Trump and racist death cult” may be prejudice but not racist.

      2. WeLoveGinaCaranosays:

        *replying to “Don’t be so fragile”* dude racism is being biased against someone because of their race. Just because it doesn’t happen to white people as often doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

    2. The Skank Whisperersays:

      It’s funny because you’re basically saying fuck racist people, and in the very next breath admitting your a racist. That’s amazing! Which fast food chain do you work at, if you dont mind me asking?

  8. ImUrMomsFavritsays:

    Gina is NO different than any of us, and shouldn’t be punished for her personal ideology. Acknowledge or difference but embrace our shared experience.

  9. Zeldazsays:

    The dumb b!tch is so desperately trying to stay relevant after getting her a$$ fired…now the only work she can get is from lying scumbags. I’ve got a saying for ya gina…if the shoe fits, wear it!

    1. Kfpsays:

      Takes one to know one dipshit

    2. Joesays:

      Aren’t you trying to be relevant by baselessly insulting her? What a moron 🤦🏻‍♂️

    3. WeLoveGinaCaranosays:

      She’s smarter than you are. She isn’t trying to stay relevant, she is relevant. Just because she got fired doesn’t mean that everybody immediately erased her from their minds… the opposite, in fact. After this incident, pretty sure that her fanbase only grew larger.

  10. rjmzz430says:

    Love her in everything she does! She speaks the truth and people can’t handle it. Especially the sheep in corrupt liberal holywood!

  11. The Skank Whisperersays:

    The Rittenhouse trial had nothing to do with race , and had everything to do with self defense and 2A laws. Dont fuck around = Dont find out.

  12. Patriotsays:

    She is spot on.🇺🇸

  13. Tired and confusedsays:

    Setting race aside, how does a 17 year old (non-law enforcement officer) in possession of assault weapons travel out of state to interact in a riot environment, illegally discharge said weapons, killing 2 people and have zero accountability to those actions. BTW……we should never celebrate the taking of life in any place or time. We are all humans with a story.

    1. Lawyered upsays:

      You are proving Gina’s point. 1. The gun didn’t travel across state lines, and Kyle was part of that community (and clearly more part than the protesters he shot). 2. He didn’t illegally shoot. You can kill someone chasing you screaming he is going to kill you (a serial child rapist BTW); you can also shoot at 3 people beating youth death on the ground.

      Please get informed on the case. There was no white supremacist action (Or any evidence race was involved). A white guy put out fires and it pissed off rioters…3 white guys…and he shot them while defending himself from attacks on his life. Every American can and should act like this.

    2. WeLoveGinaCaranosays:

      We are all humans with a story, and sometimes that story is the kind you read in a horror movie script.

  14. Joesays:

    These idiots don’t know when to quit. Kyle is FREE. Get over it!!!

    1. Chonksays:

      Yes free to try and get into college or get a job…what? No one wants anything to do with a gun toting punk murderer? That kid is doomed to a life of scorn, forever an outcast.

      1. Joesays:

        Kyle got half the country on his side. What are you earing? He will hardly be an outcast 😂

  15. WhiteFrightsays:

    she’s a ignorant white girl….”Malcolm X”

    1. Joesays:

      Or media has made you ignorant, which is exactly what Malcom X warned us about

  16. WhiteFrightsays:

    She’s ignorant …..”Malcolm X”

  17. Stripesays:

    I agree with the words of Malcolm X. While I support Gina and her views, I just believe this trial was a very divisive issue and people who didn’t support the cause of the protest could see anything wrong with a 17 year old brandishing a AR15 assault rifle. The scary thing is that that this country is losing its place in this world and with God. We are losing our humanity as a people. What this trial showed me was that the people in this country, especially if you don’t share their ideology, supports death over life.

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