Leaked Godzilla Vs. Kong Toy May Spoil A Surprise Character

Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong is set to see two of the world’s most powerful monsters clash in an epic battle while puny humans run around not being very interesting. In addition to the giant atomic reptile and prehistoric ape lord though, there’s also a possibility that we could see the appearance of Mechagodzilla.

At the recent Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair, the Godzilla vs. Kong display featured a Mechagodzilla figure, strongly suggesting it will make an appearance in the upcoming showdown. The image of the metallic monstrosity has since been removed from the Twitter account that posted it, but the damage has been done and now I must tell you everything you need to know about the kaiju king’s cybernetic nemesis.

First introduced in 1974’s Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla, the mechanical duplicate embarked on a rampage disguised as Godzilla, only for the real Godzilla to emerge and engage it in battle. Made of Space Titanium, it can shoot energy beams from its eyes and chest, fire missiles from its fingers, toes and kneecaps, and project an electrocuting force field. It was revealed to be an extraterrestrial superweapon created by the Simians, a megalomaniacal race of drunken hominid aliens from a planet orbiting a black hole, and is ultimately defeated by Godzilla teaming up with King Caesar, a giant dog/lion hybrid and martial artist guardian deity.

Mechagodzilla’s appearance in the heavily delayed Godzilla vs. Kong will likely come about one of two ways. One is that it will have a very brief cameo in a post credits scene, probably featuring a close up of its giant robotic head slowly coming to life via an eye beginning to glow red. Another, far more likely possibility is that the film will see Mechagodzilla created by the “human conspiracy” to destroy the Titans that the official synopsis references, leading to the eponymous adversaries teaming up to destroy it in a CGI smackdown that’s hopefully far better than such climaxes usually turn out.