First Godzilla Vs. Kong Photos Tease The Fight Of The Century

Godzilla vs. Kong

Legendary Pictures has been building up to Godzilla vs. Kong since the Monsterverse roared onto screens in 2014 via Godzilla. The movie will see the two titans squaring off, with Kong’s ferocity and agility a good counter for Godzilla’s destructive atomic power.

Over the course of its production, we’ve laid eyes on various pieces of concept art and designs that have hinted at how the fight is going to go down, but now we have our first official photos from the blockbuster and they promise some serious excitement to come next year. They hail from the ongoing CCXP event and while they don’t offer up very much, these shots still do tease the titanic clash that’s on the way.

Previous Monsterverse movies have seen cities torn apart by gigantic kaiju, but the human race hasn’t had to reckon with the combined might of Godzilla and King Kong ripping chunks out of each other. It’ll be cool to see Kong: Skull Island‘s take on the classic cinematic ape out of his jungle element and grappling with the modern world as well. Personally, my money’s on the gorilla, as Kong has nearly a century of experience battling dinosaurs and though Godzilla will bring a few atomic tricks to the party, he’s basically still just a big dino… right?

If things had gone to plan, Godzilla vs. Kong would have hit cinemas way back in March. But first came a delay for reshoots and then COVID-19, which meant a new release date of May 21st, 2021. And now, we know that it’ll be debuting on HBO Max along with the rest of Warner Bros.’ slate for next year. Let’s just hope it lives up to the hype.