Warner Bros. Delays Godzilla Vs. Kong Until 2021

Godzilla vs. Kong

After quickly establishing itself as a billion dollar franchise thanks to the success of Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island, Legendary’s MonsterVerse dropped the ball with King of the Monsters after the movie failed to perform well with both critics and at the box office. That leaves the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong under significant pressure, with the future of the entire franchise riding on its back now.

Of course, it didn’t help when an early test screening didn’t go down well with the studio, forcing them to order up a series of extensive reshoots and hand out an eight-month delay, pushing it back to November. Although, that actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise given that Hollywood was basically shut down in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Or at least, it looked like a blessing in disguise, until earlier tonight when Warner Bros. announced that they were once again going to have to delay the vast majority of their upcoming blockbusters. Including, but not limited to, The Matrix 4Wonder Woman 1984 and yes, Godzilla vs. Kong.

Though it was originally set to be with us on November 20th of this year, it’ll now hop into The Matrix 4‘s original May 21st date, meaning fans will have to wait until 2021 now to see the next entry in the MonsterVerse. And what a shame that is given how well it’s been shaping up after those aforementioned reshoots drastically improved things.

Of course, Godzilla vs. Kong is the event we’ve been building to ever since the Godzilla reboot stomped into theaters back in 2014, but alas, it seems we’ll have to be patient for just a little bit longer now. And frankly, if the world doesn’t return to normal pretty soon, we wouldn’t be surprised if Warner Bros. is forced to delay the monster mash-up yet again. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, though.