The Matrix 4 Delayed By Almost A Full Year


The Matrix 4 was one of the most surprising sequel announcements that we’d gotten in a long, long time, as the original trilogy wrapped up Neo’s story fairly well way back in 2003, but another film in the series is indeed coming and Keanu Reeves is set to return to the role he made famous in 1999.

In fact, he recently spoke about why he’s revisiting the franchise now after all these years. And, no, it isn’t because of a massive payday. At least, not entirely.

Rather, he’s said that the return of Lana Wachowski behind the camera and the “beautiful” screenplay she wrote were the main factors in getting him to come back. Of course, The Matrix 4‘s story remains tightly under wraps, and unfortunately, it looks like things will stay that way for a while longer, as the pic has now been hit with a rather sizable delay.

Earlier tonight, Warner Bros. shook up the release dates of most of their upcoming blockbusters (see: Wonder Woman 1984Godzilla Vs. KongTenet, etc.) and though the sequel was originally going to be here on May 21st, 2021, it’s now been shifted to April 1st, 2022. Yep, almost a full year delay. Ouch.

Of course, you can hardly blame WB, as they’re in a pretty tough position what with the current pandemic wreaking havoc on the entertainment industry and production on The Matrix 4 falling victim to the lockdowns. Not to mention that this is clearly a film that needs a lot of post-production work for all the VFX and whatnot.

But rest assured, it’ll get here eventually and with any luck, this long-awaited fourth entry will bring the sci-fi franchise back to our screens in stunning fashion.