Godzilla Vs. Kong Plot Leaks Reveal New Powers And Weapons

Godzilla vs. Kong

The buzz is slowly starting to build again surrounding Godzilla Vs. Kong, the epic showdown between two of cinema’s most iconic monsters that was originally scheduled to hit theaters last month. Negative reactions from the studio towards an early test screening saw the release date pushed back by eight months, as director Adam Wingard helmed a series of extensive reshoots to try and whip the movie into shape, and it seems to have worked.

The most recent test screening was received much more positively, something the filmmaker seemingly celebrated on social media, with reports indicating that it could well be the best entry into Legendary’s MonsterVerse yet. Beyond the title giving away the obvious driving force behind the story, we still don’t know a lot of Godzilla Vs. Kong’s finer plot points, but star Eiza Gonzalez hinted that the tale of two giant monsters beating seven shades out of each other will be grounded by a much more human element. Fans are already high on the prospect of seeing the two titans face off on the big screen, and now some new plot details have hinted that the battle could be much more epic than anybody could have imagined.

One of the biggest questions surrounding Godzilla Vs. Kong is how the movie will pull off the size difference between the two title characters, with Kong: Skull Island establishing that the giant ape was roughly half Godzilla’s size. However, a new leak indicates that the radiation on Kong’s homeland will cause him to grow much bigger, and even ties back to background details in the prequel that saw Kong surrounded by the bones of his parents, which looked to be much larger than him. Not only that, but the older, wiser and much larger Kong will also be wielding a massive stone axe in order to give him an equalizer against Godzilla’s array of powers, which quite frankly sounds awesome.

The disappointing critical and commercial reaction to Godzilla: King of the Monsters set the MonsterVerse back a little and put it on much shakier ground, but if Godzilla Vs. Kong manages to live up to the hype, then it could deliver a monster mash for the ages.