Godzilla Vs. Kong Post-Credits Scene Rumored To Tease Fan Favorite Kaiju

Godzilla vs. Kong

Views on a free platform like YouTube aren’t exactly a guarantee of commercial success, but you can’t deny that things are looking pretty encouraging for Godzilla vs. Kong at the moment. The first trailer smashed records to become Warner Bros.’ most-watched promo ever, while it also wound up as the fourth most-liked trailer in YouTube history.

The current circumstances surrounding the theatrical industry and the murky world of how streaming services quantify success have made it hard to get a true handle on how well the latest chapter in the MonsterVerse has to perform in order to guarantee a sequel, but you can bet the studio are confident based on the huge amount of hype swirling around the project.

No further plans for the Titans have been announced as of yet, but a new rumor claims that Godzilla vs. Kong will feature a post-credits teaser for a fan favorite kaiju from the extended mythology. According to tipster Warstu, Destoroyah has been lined up for the stinger at the end of the movie.


The intelligent shapeshifting monster debuted in 1995’s Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, and has since gone on to become a fixture of the various novels and comic books across other forms of media. The movie is regarded as one of the better efforts in the King of the Monsters’ illustrious back catalogue, but it remains Destoroyah’s only live-action appearance to date.

While there’s no official confirmation that Godzilla vs. Kong even has a post-credits scene, never mind the one that’s being rumored, longtime fans would no doubt get a kick out of the blockbuster franchise hinting towards a deep cut from the lore, one which would go completely over the heads of more casual viewers.