Godzilla Vs. Kong Writer Teases More Titans Hidden In The Hollow Earth

Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong provided the uncomplicated monster mashup everyone was hoping for. With the human characters mostly ignorable, the attention was firmly on the colossal cinematic icons as they built up a grudge and then slugged it out amidst the neon skyscrapers of Hong Kong. Audiences and critics have responded positively, too, with the film doing well at the box office even under pandemic restrictions.

But one remaining question is where Legendary’s MonsterVerse is going next? Godzilla vs. Kong was the main event that they’ve been slowly building to and the lack of a post-credits scene is a big hint that this cinematic universe is coming to an end.

That’s a shame, too, particularly as the movie concluded in a way that easily teases more adventures to come. The most obvious story hook is that Kong is now King of the Hollow Earth, a tropical biome deep underground that appears to be where his people originated from. Writer Max Borenstein has hinted that there may be as-yet-unseen creatures lurking down there that deserve a hairy fist to the face as well. During an interview with Collider, he was asked if there were Titans asleep in the Hollow Earth and said:

“Oh, I would venture to say there must be, right? It’s a big hollow world.”

During Godzilla vs. Kong, we got a peek at the lost Kong civilization, which looks to have been relatively advanced (at least by gorilla standards). Kong’s axe and throne room hinted at past battles with Godzilla’s species and I’d love to explore more of them. Plus, we got a tease at what else might be living there in our glimpses of the local fauna, including a giant flying snake monster, carnivorous bats and some kind of armored insect.

So, c’mon Legendary, don’t put the Hollow Earth on ice. Let’s see Kong truly take his position as King!

Godzilla vs. Kong is in theaters and available to stream now on HBO Max.