Gotham City Sirens Fan Art Features Eliza Dushku And Emma Stone


Ever since Warner Bros. announced that they’d be moving ahead with their Harley Quinn spinoff in the form of Gotham City Sirens, the internet has been awash in fan art featuring almost every young actress in Hollywood in the roles of Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Of course, the studio hasn’t given us any hints at all about who may eventually be cast, but that hasn’t stopped people from speculating.

Following up on some interesting fan art that saw Megan Fox in the role of Poison Ivy, which generated a fair amount of buzz, we now have another batch of photos and these ones feature Emma Stone as the iconic Batman villain along with Eliza Dushku as Catwoman. The art comes to us from Twitter user BossLogic, who’s clearly quite talented with Photoshop, as the images in the gallery below can attest to.

Again, these are pretty well done, but we’re not sure how likely it is that either actress will actually show up in Gotham City Sirens. For one, neither have been rumored to be involved in any capacity, and while that doesn’t necessarily count them out, there are a few other factors that may work against this happening.

When it comes to Eliza Dushku, while she does have some nerd cred thanks to her time on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and voice work as She-Hulk, she’s far from a big name and hasn’t really been doing a lot lately, with most of her recent credits being TV movies or shorts. That’s not to say she’s a bad actress, but with a film as big as Gotham City Sirens, we imagine that Warner Bros. will be bringing in A-list stars, especially since they need a hit here given how poorly Suicide Squad was received. Then again, Dushku has voiced Catwoman in the past, so who knows? Stranger things have certainly happened.

As for Stone, well, she’s already done the whole comic book movie thing back with The Amazing Spider-Man franchise. That doesn’t mean she can’t or won’t enter the DCEU, but with her recent work in more awards worthy films like La La Land and Birdman, it doesn’t seem like she’d be interested in returning to the genre.

With Warner Bros. keeping quiet on the casting front, it’s hard to know who exactly they’ll get to co-star alongside Margot Robbie in Gotham City Sirens. Will Smith has voiced some interest in having a role, but as for who will play Catwoman and Poison Ivy (assuming they’re both in the film, of course), it’s anyone’s guess.

Tell us, who would you like to see the studio cast in their upcoming spinoff? Sound off down below in the comments section with your picks!