Gotham City Sirens: Megan Fox Turns Over A New Leaf In Poison Ivy Fan Art


The recent announcement of Gotham City Sirens being Margot Robbie’s choice for her Harley Quinn spinoff film not only came as a most welcome surprise, it’s also caused a veritable brush fire of discussion on social media in the time since.

Not only that, but the geek community was sent reeling not long after when a rumor arose stating that Megan Fox could possibly be in contention for the role of Poison Ivy. And although this revelation has many arguing both for and against, having a noted fan of comic books take on the role wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Granted, Gotham is doing its best with the character on television right now, but the iconic villainess is in desperate need of silver screen redemption since her only previous cinematic exploit came in the form of the disaster that was Batman & Robin.

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Earlier this week, fan artist extraordinaire Boss Logic impressed us with a mock-up of Rosario Dawson as She-Hulk and it seems as if he’s already at it again, this time showing us what Fox could possibly look like as Poison Ivy. Featuring a take on Pamela Isley that has a bit more chlorophyll in her skin, this is a look previously seen only in comics and video games and would make David Ayer’s take on the character – whomever may ultimately be cast – set itself apart from the rest of the pack in a visual sense.

As of now, Gotham City Sirens has no concrete release date, but if we’re to apply a realistic timetable, it doesn’t seem like much of a leap in saying that it could very possible take the recently vacated June 14, 2019 slot now that Justice League 2 has been pushed, or even November 1 of that same year, which WB has reserved for a DC film.