The Graveyard Shift: Dead Snow 2, Septic Man And Leprechaun: Origins (Episode 2)

dead snow 2

Back in their comfy armchairs and ready to talk all things trash, horror and schlock, Matt and Dom all but immediately hurl themselves into a (often stinking) pile of B-movie mayhem. Kicking off with reviews of the pretty awful Leprechaun: Origins and Jersey Shore Massacre, the guys then move on to pastures greener with reviews of Septic Man and Wer, then straight into horror Nirvana with Dead Snow 2: Read Vs Dead. As the horror season approaches, viewers need to know which films are egregious tricks and which are tasty treats – and The Graveyard Shift is crazy enough to traverse everything the horror genre has to offer in search of hidden gems!

Rounding off the show, the guys bring two beloved films from their respective collections to the table, with Matt repping 2005’s Feast and Dom adoringly pawing over Norman Mailer’s grossly under-appreciated good-bad masterpiece Tough Guys Don’t Dance. Sometimes you have to wash away the memories of movies like Leprechaun: Origins and Jersey Shore Massacre with titles near and dear to your own heart. Reviewing EVERYTHING is no cakewalk, trust me. There are days these two think about giving up in cinema forever after seeing the worst of the worst, but then a distant memory comes back and washes always the filth. Ah, cheers to better times.

Enjoy episode 2 of The Graveyard Shift, and look forward to its triumphant debut on iTunes once we stop fighting hordes of Nazi zombies hellbent on worldwide domination!

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