A Great Chris Hemsworth Movies Hits Netflix This Week

Chris Hemsworth

A great Chris Hemsworth movie hits Netflix this week – though the Australian star isn’t the main draw for once. Before he was Thor, the future Marvel actor landed a small but key role in a major J.J. Abrams production. Namely, 2009’s Star Trek, in which Hemsworth cameos in the film’s opening sequence as George Kirk, the tragically doomed father of Chris Pine’s James Tiberius.

Abrams’ relaunch of the Trek movie franchise, which kickstarted a new reality that has become known as the Kelvin timeline, is no doubt one that fans have watched numerous times over the years. But if you feel like revisiting it again, you’re in luck as the reboot is going up on Netflix in the United States this week. Look out for it on the streaming giant from this Thursday, July 1st.

Hemsworth’s presence in the film became retroactively notable once he achieved super stardom, as it meant that Star Trek managed to feature not one but two of the four Hollywood Chrises. Hemsworth has since revealed that he initially auditioned for the part of James Kirk, however he was deemed too tall for the part – at 6″3, he’s three inches taller than Pine. However, Abrams remembered him later in the casting process when they were looking for someone to play George and the rest is history.

At one point, Paramount seemed to realize the potential they had on their hands to unite the two major Chrises together and the original plan for Star Trek 4 was to have James meet his dad via time travel. Chris Hemsworth elected not to move forward with the project, however, as he didn’t love the script enough. This sent the project back into development, where it’s stayed ever since. The idea still isn’t totally out of the question, though.

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