A Great John Cena Movie Hits Disney Plus This Week

John Cena

The professional wrestling industry has always provided a gateway to make the jump into Hollywood for those talented or brave enough to try, with current WWE star Sasha Banks recently becoming a firm fan favorite after showing up in season 2 of The Mandalorian as Koska Reeves. However, not everyone gets to come anywhere close to the levels of success attained by a certain Dwayne Johnson.

For instance, Dave Bautista is an established figure in the industry with a solid filmography under his belt already, but Hulk Hogan was a much bigger name in the squared circle and it would be fair to say No Holds Barred, Suburban Commando and Mr. Nanny didn’t turn him into a movie star.

John Cena, meanwhile, is set to continue his steady rise up the ranks with a banner 2021 that will see him follow in Johnson’s footsteps by joining the Fast and Furious franchise, while he’s also poised to become a major player in the DCEU, with his Peacemaker taking a substantial role in The Suicide Squad before getting his own HBO Max spinoff.


One of the 43 year-old’s more overlooked efforts is animated family film Ferdinand, which scored solid reviews from critics and earned close to $300 million at the box office back in December 2017, but is now mostly forgotten about. John Cena voices the title character, a bull who escapes the life of being trained as matador fodder before being adopted by a young girl to live peacefully on a farm, only to find himself on the run from the authorities who want to bring him back in.

Essentially a crime caper disguised as a kid-friendly adventure, Ferdinand provides undemanding entertainment for all ages, and could prove to be hugely popular when the Fox title gets added to the Disney Plus library on Friday.