Green Lantern Corps “Still In The Works” Despite DC Films Shake-Up


While the DCEU may be in flux following the appointment of Walter Hamada, Green Lantern Corps is still very much in development.

Seasoned screenwriter David S. Goyer confirmed as much during the 2018 winter Television Critics Association press tour, where he spoke to IGN about Warner’s cosmic spinoff. Goyer didn’t reveal much, as the pic is yet to assemble its cast (read: intergalactic police force). And, sadly, it doesn’t look like Green Lantern Corps will be summoned into production anytime soon.

Asked when fans can expect a status report on the mooted spinoff, Goyer replied as so:

I don’t know. Who knows, especially with what’s currently going on with the DC universe? There’s obviously a whole recalibration happening with that right now.

Hamada, meanwhile, has taken charge of DC Films following Justice League‘s poor reception. Known for his tenure as the executive vice president of production over at New Line, where he fostered such instant classics as The Conjuring and It, Hamada will oversee Warner’s output of comic book movies henceforth.

Circling back to GLC, little is currently known about the Emerald Knight’s maiden voyage in the DCEU; what we do know, however, is that it’ll seemingly take the form of an intergalactic buddy cop movie featuring Hal Jordan and John Stewart. Armie Hammer, Ricky Whittle (American Gods) and Tyrese Gibson are just some of the big-name Hollywood stars who have come into contention, but Warner Bros. is yet to announce anything official as yet.

However that may be, Green Lantern Corps still holds a 2020 release date, placing it in the same neighborhood as Cyborg, Flashpoint and, presumably, Matt Reeves’ Batman movie, which has now placed its crosshairs on Jon Hamm as Ben Affleck wanders ever closer to the exit door.