Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern Saves The Avengers In Awesome Marvel/DC Fan Art


Until the day comes when licensing rights have been dissolved in some kind of property-less utopia, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see Green Lantern and The Avengers team up on-screen. That leaves the concept in the hands of internet artists to realize – and that’s just what this fan art does.

Seen down below, Ryan Reynolds wields the Infinity Gauntlet in a new-look Endgame climax. Not a sentence you say every day, that’s for sure.

Be it Captain Kirk leading a fleet into battle alongside Han Solo, Ripley going back in time to save Sarah Connor from an Alien hitman, or Howard and Daisy Duck’s honeymoon in Paris, there are some crossovers we’re never going to see. Generally that’s for the best – we all love fan fantasies, but they rarely play out in real life as they do in our heads.

Admittedly, this one was never meant to be serious. I mean, can you imagine what Reynolds would do if he had the power of the gauntlet? For a start, he could erase X-Men Origins: Wolverine from existence for good (having already attempted to in Deadpool 2). I fear, however, his avarice would lead to far greater consequences for the universe.

Enough of my dystopian visions of Ryan Reynolds the galactic dictator, though. Time for your thoughts on this refashioned Endgame finale fan art bonanza. In keeping with the crossover theme, drop your own crossover suggestions below. We may not get Green Lantern in the MCU, but it looks like he could be reintroduced in the DCEU via Zack Snyder’s Justice League. In fact, according to Reynolds, he may already have shot a cameo for it.