Ryan Reynolds Says He Generally Does Whatever The Rock Tells Him To Do

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds generally does whatever The Rock tells him to do. And to be fair, who wouldn’t?

The Deadpool star made the comment in a tweet addressing the continued rumours about his potential involvement in the DCEU, which you can see for yourself below:

The Hawkman story emerged yesterday and clearly Reynolds keeps himself up to date on internet reporting in a way few Hollywood stars do. More amusing though is his cheeky reference to ongoing speculation that he’s agreed to return as Green Lantern for the Snyder Cut. Maybe he’s being honest and he hasn’t signed on for it. Maybe. But what if it’s a bluff? Actors do it all the time to conceal major plot points/casting news/hypeable material/you name it. Don’t be too disheartened yet, is all I’m saying.

Hawkeye Hawkman on the other hand, well, I can’t see both that and the Green Lantern cameo happening together. Playing two superheroes in different franchises is one thing, but playing two at the same time in the same franchise? That sounds like overkill. No, Chris Evans as Johnny Storm and Captain America doesn’t count as an example of someone who managed it. Though both were Marvel characters, the former never became a part of the MCU. Glad we could settle that.

Anyways, got any thoughts of your own? Drop them in the comments section below. Will Ryan Reynolds return to DC? If so, who will he return as? Or is he just mocking us for our gullibility? Lotta open-ended questions. Given that the Justice League Snyder Cut is expected to premiere by the middle of next year, I suspect it won’t be long until we get some answers and personally, I think the film would be all the better for having him in it (ain’t that sweet).