Ryan Reynolds Reportedly In Talks For Justice League Snyder Cut Cameo

Green Lantern

2020 has sure thrown some curveballs our way and this would be right up there.

Ryan Reynolds is reportedly in talks to make a cameo in the Snyder Cut of Justice League. And the cameo would see him reprise his role as Green Lantern, a part he hasn’t played since 2011’s poorly received film of the same name. At least, that’s according to insider Grace Randolph, who shared the following on Twitter today:

With the news that Warner Bros. are also talking to Michael Keaton about his Batman potentially returning for the DCEU, it looks like the studio have chosen to vigorously purse callbacks – and with good reason. Mining the past for nostalgia generally plays well with fans and in the case of Keaton as Batman, it could actually make storytelling sense, too.

With regards to Green Lantern, enough time has passed for the film to be viewed with good-natured embarrassment for all involved – a perception helped greatly by Reynolds’ continued lampooning of it (see: the end of Deadpool 2). On the back of the DCEU’s recent successes, and the actor’s Marvel-propelled superstardom, it looks like the right moment to step back into those blue-green CG shoes.

Alternately, the cameo could be self-indulgent, and depending on how it were played, it may wind up those who want the Snyder Cut to be a serious piece of work. Will they bring a bit of Deadpool into it, sticking to the lighter tone of Whedon’s cut? Or will it be more in-keeping with Snyder’s moodier proclivities? First we’ll have to find out whether Warner Bros. wrap up a deal (it’s not set in stone yet) to get Reynolds on board. We wait with bated breath.

Tell us, though, are you down for Reynolds’ Green Lantern returning in the Snyder Cut of Justice League? Give us your thoughts below.