Green Lantern Screenwriter Wants Ricky Whittle To Play John Stewart


Even though no one can be entirely certain about what WB’s post-Justice League plans may be due to it under-performing at the United States box office and the divide between critics and casual moviegoers being larger than ever, many DC devotees such as myself are crossing our fingers hoping that Green Lantern Corps sees the light of (Brightest) day.

After all, the studio’s first attempt at bringing a ringslinger to the big screen back in 2011 was widely reviled, and there’s just so much rich material that’s ripe for live action adaptation. Really, it’s a downright shame that we never got to see the fall of Sinestro.

In a recent interview with Yahoo, Michael Green, one of those who contributed to the screenplay for the first Green Lantern picture, admitted that he’d like another crack at the bat, agreeing with us in saying how much potential this franchise has:

“I feel like my experience on Green Lantern is very much unfinished and there are stories to tell there. That was not a film that turned out the way we’d hoped going in and I think there is an appetite for a better version of that.”

Now, some of you may think Green should stay far away from anything involving lightsmiths, but it’s important we remember that Green Lantern had too many cooks in the kitchen, as it was one of several DC films produced in this decade to have suffered from studio interference. Believe it or not, these were the same suits that asked Geoff Johns if Green Lantern has to wear a ring.

To his credit, Green has since rebounded by helping James Mangold co-write Logan, a comic book movie that I’m sure many reading this loved. Admittedly, WB will likely look to someone else to co-plot the Corps’ reboot, but he still has someone in mind for the role of John Stewart:

“I’ll probably get angry texts if I don’t say what’s in my heart which is that Ricky Whittle would make a fantastic John Stewart.”

To date, one of the few concrete things we’ve come to learn about Green Lantern Corps is that it’ll be co-headlined by Hal Jordan and John Stewart. Of course, they’re the most recognizable space cops around, but the latter really should be included, especially when you consider that an entire generation grew up with him as their Green Lantern via the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series.