Green Lantern Sequel Still Being Planned

The Hollywood Reporter ran an article today discussing the possibility of a sequel to one of summer’s biggest flops/disappointments, Green Lantern. Apparently, Warner Bros. still believes in the franchise despite the horrid reviews and underwhelming box office take. They admit that they are “somewhat disappointed” with how the movie came out but they still are moving forward with a sequel.

So far, Green Lantern has grossed a total of almost $90 million. Considering that the production budget alone was $200 million, the film isn’t exactly the moneymaker that the studio was hoping for. Warner Bros. is looking for another franchise now that Harry Potter is over and they were hoping that Green Lantern would be that fill the role.

The sequel will likely see a budget cut but is that what it needs? The budget was used well for the most part. In areas like effects and CGI, Green Lantern shined. What they need to be concerned about is the script/story. That was easily the weakest part of the film and really brought it down.

Hopefully the studio execs know what they need to do to make the sequel a worthy film and one that the character deserves. The film had potential but there was just too many things wrong with it that couldn’t be overlooked.

What do you think about a sequel to Green Lantern? Yes or no?

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