Here’s How The Green Ranger Would’ve Looked In Power Rangers Sequel

Power-Rangers-Movie-Blu-ray-cover-art (1)

Lionsgate’s Power Rangers reboot wasn’t a mainstream hit back in 2007, but fans loved it and have always bemoaned the fact that it never got a sequel. Especially given that a post-credits scene promised the arrival of Tommy Oliver AKA the Green Ranger in the next installment. While we never got to see the sixth Ranger join the team in this version of the franchise, the movie’s costume designer has now shared his take on how Tommy’s revamped suit could have appeared.

Sanit Klamchanuan recent posted an epic image on his Instagram account which takes the classic Green Ranger look from Mighty Morphin and gives it a 2017-style spin, making it fit in with the more alien feel of the gang’s costumes in the film. All the recognizable elements of Tommy’s iconic suit are in there, too, with his golden Dragon Shield being integrated into the armor itself, resulting in gold detailing running throughout the outfit. And, of course, he’s got his Dragon Dagger in hand.

Klamchanuan notes in his caption that this isn’t an official design, but just his informed opinion of how the character could have looked if a sequel had gone ahead.

While it would have been great to see something like this realized on screen, the good news is that Paramount is working on a new reboot of the brand. This time, expect more of a “legacy sequel” approach, with a younger teen cast but also crossovers with the original TV series. Time travel will be used to bring a modern team into contact with the classic 90s Rangers, too, so expect some nostalgic cameos – including, we’re hearing, the original Tommy Oliver himself, Jason David Frank.

While we wait for more news on Paramount’s plans, let us know if you’re still sore over the fact that there wasn’t a sequel to the last Power Rangers reboot by leaving a comment down below.