Power Rangers Reboot Confirmed, Will Take Place In 1990s

Power-Rangers-Movie-Blu-ray-cover-art (1)

The 2017 reboot of Power Rangers wasn’t exactly a big hit or very popular with moviegoers, bringing in just over $140 million at the box office and earning mediocre reviews, despite Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer telling us before its release that the studio was hoping to do “five, or six, or even seven” installments. So much for that, eh?

To be fair, Power Rangers ended up doing fairly strong business in both home video and merchandise sales, but after parent company Saban sold the rights to the brand to Hasbro, it was pretty clear that there would be no direct sequel. Of course, it always seemed pretty unlikely that the company would let the property just sit on the shelf and for months now, there’ve been whispers of a new Power Rangers movie being in development.

And sure enough, The Hollywood Reporter brings word today that another reboot is indeed in the works, with The End of the F—ing World creator Jonathan Entwistle set to get behind the camera for the Paramount Pictures production. No word on casting just yet, but THR did provide a little bit of information on the plot, which apparently is set in the 1990s.

According to the outlet, the story – penned by Patrick Burleigh – will involve time-travel which will bring the heroes into the aforementioned decade, and “in Back to the Future fashion,” they’ll have to figure out how to get back to the present. The details end there, but this certainly sounds like an intriguing premise and could work well if executed properly.

In any case, given that the Power Rangers have been rebooted into new teams several times already on television, it shouldn’t be too big of a deal to see the same thing happening again so soon after the last reboot. Let’s just hope things begin in media res though so we don’t have to sit through the origin story once more.