The Grudge Isn’t Over Yet, Reboot Possible

Alright, so try to stay with me on this one. Takashi Shimizu made the original two Ju-on films, which were television movies in Japan. Shimizu then made a theatrical film based on the two, entitled Ju-on: The Grudge and its sequel. Then, he made an America remake of Ju-on, just entitled The Grudge, which is the Sarah Michelle Gellar movie we’re all familiar with.

The crazy success of The Grudge brought The Grudge 2 and a straight-to-DVD sequel, The Grudge 3, courtesy of Ghost House Pictures. Now, Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Ghost House Pictures and Mandate are working on yet another film for the franchise, which would be a remake of the American Grudge.

Clearly, the quality of the Grudge films decreased dramatically with time, with many even disliking the first American film. I thought The Grudge was pretty good and stand by my thesis that there is almost nothing scarier than a small, blue boy who meows like a cat stuck in a tree. In my opinion, any film in this series is watchable for that fact alone.

This Grudge remake might not even happen, and if it does, there’s a good chance it will just go straight to DVD like The Grudge 3.

Personally, I hope it gets made, I hope it goes to theaters, and I hope it’s soul-crushingly terrifying.

Do you think they should remake The Grudge?