The Old Guard Director Reveals What It’ll Take To Get A Sequel Made

The old Guard

The biggest new movie to drop on Netflix this month has undoubtedly been The Old Guard, a Charlize Theron-fronted superhero fantasy flick that’s grabbed this week’s showbiz news cycle. Well, that or Johnny Depp’s court case (let’s not go there, though).

On the back of what’s been a successful debut, the question for some is, what’s next? Yep, the film’s been out for less than 5 days and people are already asking about a sequel. It’s relentless. Anyway, that possibility was put to director Gina Prince-Bythewood in a new interview with Salon and here’s what she had to say:

“Foremost it is absolutely up to the audience . . . you just never know. I hope that the audience loves it and wants to see more. It was very important that the film itself has a beginning, middle, and end because I get annoyed by movies that leave things wide open. This was absolutely part of what the graphic novel was and how it ended.”

“Like, as someone in the audience I want to know what happened, ultimately. So I did love that bit of a tease. But it is up to the audience. Greg has always envisioned it as a trilogy, in terms of this graphic novel. So if the story gets to continue, you know, there’s certainly more stories to tell.”

Prince-Bythewood references Greg Rucka’s graphic novel of the same name, from which the movie was adapted. It sounds promising as far as the creative team’s desire for more is concerned and the source material has certainly been designed with future instalments in mind, so no bottlenecks there. All that remains is for audiences to give Netflix a reason to say yes to more. And from what we’ve heard over the past few days, they’ve already secretly done that.

Down for more? Drop a comment with your thoughts on a potential sequel to The Old Guard below. Charlize Theron as a superhero in a superhero movie, who would’ve thought that’d be brilliant? In fact, is there any agent in Hollywood who isn’t trying to get their client cast as a superhero right now?

They might have a job on getting Kevin James a gig, but at the rate they’re going, they’ll probably create one for him. Worked for Brie Larson, didn’t it? Cheap shot granted. But really, she’s appearing in 90% of my tweets and I still don’t know why. Someone should look it into it, that’s all I’m saying.