Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 May Feature Moondragon And Lylla


With James Gunn’s rehiringGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is back on as planned, with the writer/director set to bring the cosmic heroes home in an upcoming threequel that we’ve been promised will wrap up the gang’s story in the best way possible. That said, it won’t just star the old familiar characters, as it’ll also make a few new additions to the team from the pages of Marvel Comics.

Previous rumors and theories had pointed to the likes of Adam Warlock, Quasar and Nova joining Star-Lord and his crew, but a new leak teases a different trio of characters being part of the movie. Insider Roger Wardell has proved to be a trustworthy source of information in the past and, in his latest tweet on social media, he’s dropped a load of new GotG Vol. 3 details.

According to him, the High Evolutionary will be revealed as Rocket’s creator, Drax will reunite with his daughter – known as Moondragon in the comics – while the aforementioned raccoon will find love with Lylla, who’s an anthropmorphized otter that Rocket also has a relationship with on the page. On top of that, Nebula and Star-Lord will apparently form a closer friendship, after the loss of Gamora affects both of them deeply.

As we’ve previously reported, Wardell dropped accurate info on Avengers: Endgame‘s plot last December, as well as sharing Marvel’s plans for the future which echo info that we’ve heard from our own source as well. So, it seems like we can take this leak at face value.

Other reports have also pointed to Rocket’s creator appearing in the movie. What’s more, Mark Hamill is said to be in contention to play the role, which we can now say is likely the High Evolutionary. Fans will no doubt be overjoyed with that casting if it pans out, and we also look forward to finding out who Marvel finds to play Moondragon and Lylla, assuming they’re in the film.

In any case, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is reportedly set to go before cameras as early as next year, so we should start to learn more about what Gunn has planned in no time at all.