The Guest Director Says A Sequel Could Happen As A Limited Series

The Guest

Adam Wingard has seamlessly moved away from his horror roots to become a serious player in Hollywood, and having helmed Godzilla vs. Kong for Warner Bros., he’s already got two major projects in the works.

A direct sequel to John Woo’s action classic Face/Off and a live-action adaptation of beloved animated series ThunderCats are going to keep him occupied for the foreseeable future, but fans of the filmmaker’s output will never stop asking about a follow-up to The Guest.

The 2014 thriller is a sorely underrated gem that deserved to find a much bigger audience when it first arrived, and it barely even managed to recoup half of the paltry $5 million budget in theaters despite scoring strong reviews. It did find a second life on Netflix last summer, though, while star Dan Stevens has admitted on more than one occasion that he’s definitely open to the idea of returning as the mysterious David Collins.

The Guest

In a new interview, Wingard revealed that he’s talked about the project with his writing partner Simon Barrett, and while there’s nothing concrete in the works just yet, he did say that The Guest could be continued as a limited series rather than a feature film, which is only going to increase excitement levels among the movie’s supporters.

“So, even though I don’t have a Guest sequel, Simon and I have talked about it. We don’t have necessarily something that we’re excited about yet per se, but I’ve talked to Dan about it. Recently, I’ve seen Dan once a week, and we just hang out and chill. So we’ve talked about it a lot, but there’s nothing concrete. But I will say that we do have a very special Guest ‘sequel’ that I’m working on in an unconventional way. It has to do with the music from The Guest, so there is going to be a big Guest thing coming up really soon that I think is going to thrill people. But no movies in the works just yet. There’s also a potential limited series down the line for it. Instead of doing a direct sequel to The Guest, we might do a limited series for it as a sequel. But again, it’s just not where our heads are at right now, so we’ll see.”

The door was left wide open for further adventures, and Wingard’s increased clout in the industry following Godzilla vs. Kong means that The Guest stands a much better chance of being revived in some form than it did this time last year. As for whether it happens or not, we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that the ode to 1980s genre cinema will make a return to either the big or small screen one day.