Guillermo Del Toro To Team Up With Benedict Cumberbatch For Frankenstein?


Guillermo Del Toro is a filmmaker with vision. In fact, he’s probably got a drool-inducing vision board in his office, he’s so focused on his future projects. There’s nary a day goes by without a tidbit of info about one of his potential franchises leaking out, sending geeks into a frenzy. His proposed Frankenstein outing is at the receiving end today, as the director spoke with The Daily Telegraph this week, mentioning Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch in connection with the flick.

Cumberbatch is no stranger to Mary Shelley’s creation, as he took to the stage last year in Danny Boyle’s take on the classic story alongside Jonny Lee Miller. His performance no doubt caught the eye of Del Toro, who’s been invested in the idea of making his big screen version since 2009. Back then he even went so far as to shoot test footage with Del Toro monster alumni, Doug Jones. It would seem the passage of time has changed his mind, as The Daily Telegraph stated that: “he is hoping to direct Cumberbatch again in a new film version of Frankenstein.”

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s consider exactly what Del Toro has on his plate before he can fully dive into his Frankenstein. This week his monster smash Pacific Rim opens. Should that ignite the box office and receive critical praise, it’s common knowledge that this will pave the way for a Pacific Rim 2. Where that will slot in however is interesting, as he’s scheduled to work on the TV series The Strain for FX, based on the trilogy he co-wrote with Chuck Hogan. Once 2014 rolls around, he’s back to features for Crimson Peak, his old-school horror with a difference that’s already accrued a starry cast.

There’s a stack of factors against Del Toro, namely the fact that there are two upcoming Frankenstein films further down the production line. I, Frankenstein, due for release January 2014 is not a direct adaptation but still features the monster in the shape of Aaron Eckhart. Then, Fox have secured Daniel Radcliffe for their version which is  already scheduled to hit cinemas at the end of 2014.

More news on Frankenstein when it lands.

Which version would you prefer? Harry Potter for Fox, of Cumberbatch for Del Toro? Let us know what fuels your fanfire in the comments below.