Guillermo Del Toro “Would Kill” To Direct A Remake Of Pet Sematary


Horror maestro Guillermo del Toro may have set his sights on a future frightener. The director’s latest chiller, Crimson Peak, hits theaters this weekend, and then he’ll be getting to work on a mysterious smaller film – but could we see him helm an adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel, Pet Sematary, after that?

That might be jumping the gun a little, but it definitely seems to be something del Toro would be very interested in, as he Tweeted the following this morning:

Mary Lambert actually helmed a pretty decent adaptation (at least, Church the cat was awesome) of the novel back in 1989, but it failed to properly convey the creeping dread of King’s prose. Then a few years ago, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) was apparently in talks to direct a remake, but that never went anywhere.

It ‘s safe to assume Paramount will have another go at a Pet Semetary movie at some stage though, and what better man for the job than Guillermo del Toro?