Underwater Jason Voorhees Statue Will Be Joined By A Freddy Krueger One


If you have any sort of social media account and happen to fancy horror, odds are that you heard about the statue of Jason Voorhees that resides underwater at a Minnesota dive site a few weeks back. Paying tribute to Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, the work of art still manages to impress even in its weathered state. After all, Jason isn’t known to be the most hygienic guy.

Now that the story has gone viral, Doug Klein, the man responsible for crafting that very statue, is being given a bit of encouragement from horror fans. Already, he’s planned on doing likewise with Iron Maiden’s mascot, Eddie, but can’t ignore the whispers in his ear calling for Freddy Krueger.

Here’s what he had to say to Minnesota Monthly regarding that:

“I just gotta do it. I’ll make them a little less buoyant, though, so I don’t have to fight like I did.”

Freddy vs. Jason

If you’re wondering what he meant about making Freddy and Eddie a little less buoyant, well, it turns out that Jason was a little resistant when it came to staying at the bottom of the dive site, much like his onscreen counterpart would’ve been. But now that Klein has learned from experience, we expect for future endeavors to go a bit smoother.

And if you were wondering where to look, here’s the skinny on that, straight from the man himself:

“To start, Jason isn’t at the bottom of one of the state’s 10,000 lakes. He’s tethered to the bottom of a state-owned mine pit known as Louise. Diving institutions, such as the Minnesota School of Diving, use it to teach (because, yes, diving is in fact a recreational activity in Minnesota).”

So, there you have it, Friday the 13th fans: If you hoped to baptize Jason in the waters of Lake Minnetonka, you’re going to have to do it by different means. But if you want to take the dive of a lifetime, you now know where to make the proper arrangements.