All Hail The King: Check Out The All-New Banner Poster For Kong: Skull Island


Brie Larson’s intrepid explorer goes up close and personal with the mighty simian in this all-new banner poster for Kong: Skull Island.

First spotted by CBM, this epic one-sheet debuted via the film’s official Twitter account, tethered with the caption: “Welcome to Skull Island, where Kong is King.” Perched atop the island’s monstrous food chain, the Kong of Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ reboot will stand at a mighty 100ft tall – the tallest interpretation of the godly ape yet – and as John C. Reilly’s crazed adventurer has warned in previous trailers, you don’t go into someone’s home unless you’re picking a fight.

That being said, Brie Larson and her team of daring explorers will have plenty to contend with beyond Kong. From Skull Crawlers to a mutated Pterodactylus, the primordial isle is teeming with nightmarish creatures, and isn’t exactly the kind of holiday destination one would find on TripAdvisor. But Skull Island’s pull proves too strong for some, and we know that Vogt-Roberts’ blockbuster feature has also made room in its ranks for John Goodman – he’ll play a Monarch employee, neatly dovetailing Skull Island‘s narrative with the world established in 2014’s Godzilla – Samuel L. Jackson, Jing Tian, Straight Outta Compton breakout and 24: Legacy star Corey Hawkins, Jason Mitchell, John Ortiz, Shea Whigham and Toby Kebbell.

Kong: Skull Island is the second mainline entry into Legendary’s Kong-Godzilla universe, and is expected to stomp into theaters on March 10. Further down the pipeline we also have Godzilla: King of Monsters to look forward to on March 22, 2019, while there’s also the titanic tussle known as Kong Vs. Godzilla earmarked for 2020.

Kong Skull Island