Hal Jordan And John Stewart To Headline Green Lantern Corps, Geoff Johns To Write


Even though Warner Bros. have finally begun exposing moviegoers to what the DC Universe has to offer beyond Superman and Batman in our current decade, one element that I’d like to see generously expanded upon is that of anything pertaining to ringslingers. That said, you can probably imagine I’m a strong advocate for Green Lantern Corps seeing the light of day. I mean, 2011’s Green Lantern showed us the tip of the iceberg, but it just didn’t resonate with audiences.

Of course, you’d obviously expect more from a flick when it has the word “corps” in the title, thus it seems only natural that a fair amount of lightsmiths put in appearances. For the longest time, we’ve been hearing that Hal Jordan and John Stewart will serve as the central characters, but recent rumors hinted that newcomers Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz may usurp the spotlight.

Should you consider yourself a purist, then you should take solace in knowing that Hal and John are now confirmed to take center stage, as was confirmed by the website belonging to Mad Ghost Productions. As you may have heard, that’s the new label being overseen by the one and only Geoff Johns now that he’s stepped down from being DC Entertainment’s President and Chief Creative Officer in order to focus on writing and producing movies, TV shows and comic books.

Green Lantern Corps

What’s equally exciting is that Johns will also be writing the screenplay for Green Lantern Corps, which may very well be the definition of “quality control.” As you may be aware, Geoff enjoyed a nine-year run on GL titles, thus making for one of the most definitive of all time. Having contributed countless new additions to the enduring mythos, he can be credited for creating concepts such as the respective Black and Red Lantern Corps, with them being among several others populating the light spectrum.

Aside from this particular project, it should be noted that Aquaman, Shazam and Wonder Woman 2 also reside under the Mad Ghost Productions umbrella. The difference Green Lantern Corps has from that trio, though, is that it currently lacks a release date. Still, you have to admit today’s news is the most encouraging we’ve been offered for some time.