Haley Bennett Confimed For Terrence Malick’s Next Project

More photos have arisen of Christian Bale and Terrence Malick filming “something” at the Austin City Limits music festival this weekend. The previous photos and reports placed Bale on stage during various concerts including Pretty Lights, Bright Eyes and Coldplay.

Today, we have new photos that depict Malick and a camera crew filming Bale, and Haley Bennett in the crowd of the music festival.

Bennett was first mentioned to be testing for the project alongside Mia Wasikowska, Clemence Posey and Rooney Mara nearly a month ago, then reports came out that Bennett was the frontrunner to join the project. With these photos we now have confirmation that the reasonably unknown actresses is involved in the project.

It is unclear what the film will be about and not yet seen at the festival is Ryan Gosling, who is also said to be starring in the project. There has also been a comment on The Film Stage by EJM who was at the festival, detailing what they say:

“I was at ACL (Austin City Limits) today, watching Iron and Wine. We were standing next to the soundstage, where there is a fenced-off area that VIPs and staff use to get access to the sound and camera area. Christian Bale, Haley Bennett, Terrence Malik and several cameramen walked into this fenced-off area and filmed for about 5 minutes. Christian stood very still, staring straight ahead, or at the sky. Haley danced around him waving a long black cloth around. We all thought it was very strange, and took photos.”

Check out more photos from the shoot below.

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