Halle Berry Reacts To Zoe Kravitz Being Cast As Catwoman In The Batman


Casting for The Batman continues to heat up, and despite Jonah Hill dropping out of the running to play the Riddler, Matt Reeves has found a more than suitable replacement in the form of Paul Dano. With Robert Pattinson suiting up to play the title character and Jeffrey Wright on board as Commissioner Gordon, the Dark Knight’s latest reboot is assembling an incredible talented roster of actors and we can’t wait to see who joins next.

When it comes to a character like Batman though, the majority of his friends and foes have been seen on the big screen already in one form or another, so choosing the right actor for the right part is arguably more important than who they ultimately end up playing. On that note, the recent casting of Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman has been almost universally-praised, with the rising star set to make her own mark on an iconic hero that’s already been so memorably played by Michelle Pfeiffer, and to a lesser extent Anne Hathaway.

Halle Berry, another actress to have played Catwoman in the past, recently took to social media to offer her congratulations to Kravitz in becoming the latest star to squeeze into the character’s outfit, saying the following:

Obviously, Halle Berry played Catwoman in one of the worst comic book movies ever made, one that she even publicly apologized for when accepting a Razzie for giving such a terrible performance, so hopefully Zoe Kravitz won’t look to her work as inspiration. In fact, most fans try and forget that Berry’s 2004 abomination even existed. Given the cast and key creatives involved in The Batman so far though, it seems that the 30 year-old will indeed be in much safer hands.