Halle Berry would “absolutely” return as the MCU’s Storm

halle berry storm

When the time comes for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to announce concrete plans for its X-Men reboot, the chances are exceedingly high that Kevin Feige and his team will wipe the slate entirely clean and start afresh.

After all, under the stewardship of Fox we saw thirteen mutant blockbusters in the space of 20 years that covered sequels, reboots, spinoffs and prequels, before we got sequels to those aforementioned reboots, spinoffs and prequels. That being said, with the MCU’s multiverse now in play, nothing can be officially taken off the table.

While the majority of the speculation has unsurprisingly revolved around Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, Halle Berry revealed to Vanity Fair that she’d jump at the chance to play Storm again if Marvel came knocking.

“I would absolutely return to it, it’s a beloved character, I loved playing Storm, and people love Storm. So, I would absolutely, you know, if we could find a version that would make sense, or a storyline that would make sense, I would absolutely do that, for sure.”

Given that the previous X-Men timeline became convoluted to the point of being outright nonsensical, we’d have to imagine that legacy players won’t be high on the MCU’s list of priorities when it comes to reinventing the property. Then again, a brief multiversal cameo here and there would be enough to send the fans into a state of total meltdown, and given that Feige is really the only person who knows what’s coming for Charles Xavier’s students, we can’t rule anything in or out with any degree of certainty.