Halloween Casting Call Hints At Hospital Location


Now that production on Blumhouse’s Halloween sequel is finally underway, we expect news regarding the next entry in the enduring horror franchise to trickle in on a regular basis. In this particular case, it’s not a casting announcement per se, but rather, hints at a certain location to be explored.

As we proceed with this story, I’m reminded why the series is second to Silent Hill in regard to horror franchises that I associate with hospitals. While there’s much room for debate, I’m sure that at least a few of you reading this will agree with me in saying that Halloween II (1981) was among the best the franchise had to offer, and that was largely set in a hospital, forever linking the two entities in our minds.

Well, as it turns out, a casting call for the pic suggests that a visit to the doctor is in order. Thanks to Project Casting, we have this exhibit to present:

Hospital patients. These are folks at a regular hospital. Will need to be Photo Selected. Adults late 20’s -70’s, ALL RACES, Male or Female. Would like a couple senior options for one of the patients.

While the parameters of that leave a lot of room for interpretation, one has to wonder whether a polite nod will be given to Halloween II – even if it’s being completely ignored. Who knows, director David Gordon Green may flashback to 1978 and show us just how that retconned ending came to be? Or, maybe this is for something set in the present. Heck, even Rob Zombie’s Halloween II (2009) contained this element, despite diverging from the original material for the rest of the flick.

Either way, all will be revealed soon as Halloween opens in theaters on October 19.