Halloween Deleted Scene Pays Tribute To Psycho Shower Sequence


Like all slasher movies, the Halloween series owes a debt to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, but if the inclusion of Janet Leigh’s daughter Jamie Lee Curtis wasn’t homage enough to the horror classic, David Gordon Green’s latest feature almost had a nod to the 1960 film’s famous shower sequence.

In anticipation of the upcoming Blumhouse production’s home video release, Universal Pictures has shared a deleted scene in which podcaster Dana Haines takes a shower while the familiar mask of Michael Myers looms from behind the curtain. It’s quickly revealed, however, that the intruder is none other than her colleague Aaron Korey, who takes off the disguise and joins Dana behind the curtain for some presumed nookie.

It’s a welcome bit of bonus material but it’s easy to see why it was left out of the final cut. For one thing, the two podcasters are hardly the emotional center of this picture, with the pair being dispatched pretty soon after this sequence, so it makes sense to stay efficient with their screen time. What’s more, this scene looks to serve little purpose other than to provide a cheap fake-out jump-scare, and lord knows, slasher cinema has enough of those.

In any case, this clip will be available as one of seven deleted/extended scenes to feature on the Halloween Blu-Ray release, which is set come out on January 15th, 2019, though not before the flick arrives on Digital on December 28th. After the film’s phenomenal run at the box office, you can imagine that there’ll be a lot of fans out there who are eager to make an October night regular out of Michael’s latest outing, and if you count yourselves among these devotees, then you may want to stay tuned for further sequel news before the year is out.